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Dec 31, 2012 9:00am EST
approaching train. morre han 2 weeks after the newtown, connecticut shooting rampage....adam lanza's body ii claamed for burial. burial.according to the state who claimed is bodyy.. wishes - to remain anonymmos.also remaining a secret... is where he will be buried.earlier this month...oppficials say lanza shot and killed 26 peeple... including 20 hildren... at ssndy hook elementary schhol before taking his own life. poliie have not yet given a &pmotive for the shootinns. the state of conneeticut is lawsuit"... for faaling to prooide a safe setting for damagesson behalf of a 6- pear-old girl who survivvd the massscre.heesays tte girl heard gunfire, screaming and conversations over the with emmtional scars. &phere in maryllnd... officials are taking steps in thh fight against violence..onnght... the citt of baltimore is hosting a new year's eve candlelight vigil to remember all victims of violence in happen at 6 o'clock... on the steps of the war memorial building. nee gun policiesscould soon be on the way. as patti ann browne xplains... president obama is looking to tighten the rest
Dec 18, 2012 9:00am EST
to rest... ollowing a connecticut elementary chool. schooo.tom rodgers is here with more on the victims... anddhow the community is poping.good morning, tom. 3 good morning, patrice and meggn.6--ear-old charlotte bacon... who loved sshool and playing dress-up... andd 6-year-old jessica rekoos.. who loved horses... are the next two chiidren to be laid &pto rest. rest.on monday... mourners said a final goodbye to two other 66year-olds... jack pinto... and noah pozner. ver the coming days... more victims will be laid to rest.. including students and - teachers. 3 with memories of the ssootinn & still fresh... schools re-open &ptoday in newtown... all except 3 p3 on monday... all schools were -3 admmnistratoos trained withh pxperrs on how to handle thee agree... that facing fear may be the first ssep too overcoming thisstragedy. &p3 "children have o get back to -3 school. if we let thisstype of -3 terror in oor lives anywhere & in our ountry win, we've lost. we'vv gotta get our again."the bii queetion stiil rrmains... why did tte 20-year &poll gun
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2